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DSCN0613.JPG (184999 bytes)

Entrance to Village Terraces (VT)

 DSCN0508.JPG (206125 bytes)

View from edge of meadow

DSCN0582.JPG (186444 bytes)

View from mid-meadow

DSCN0580.JPG (208727 bytes)

Pokeberry (PB) duplex.. Upper PB is Bob & Debbie's unit; Bucktown (bottom unit) is Martha & Lee's

DSCF0007.JPG (333629 bytes)

VT residents, work exchangers (WEXers) and friends - work day

IMG_2874.JPG (744509 bytes)

view of garden terraces from common deck

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DSCN0608.JPG (136832 bytes)

Lee (Finch) at work answering Earthaven inquiries

DSCN0576.JPG (177343 bytes)

Pokeberry railing with view to VT common tower

DSCN0573.JPG (173013 bytes)

Railings on west side of Pokeberry

DSCN0575.JPG (196314 bytes)

Another view of railings

DSCN0578.JPG (192877 bytes)

North side railings - with a tour group

DSCN0544.JPG (206003 bytes)

Solar hot water system on Pokeberry roof

DSCN0551.JPG (179077 bytes)

Shared Photovoltaic system plus solar clothes dryer

DSCN0552.JPG (187152 bytes)

Our young Muscovy ducks

DSCN0598.JPG (175256 bytes)

Container gardening

vtRMH_garden.jpg (150642 bytes)

Goddess garden on west side of main building

Caro-Mar-Cow.JPG (218674 bytes)

Bridgit, Caroline Harris, & Martha, between the two buildings

DSCN0570.JPG (194785 bytes)

Another solar clothes dryer, between the two buildings

DSCN0595.JPG (208453 bytes)

New perennial garden nourished by graywater

DSCN0587.JPG (194121 bytes)

Lumber from clearing the meadow

pasture_view.jpg (54813 bytes)

View overlooking meadow

DSCN0609.JPG (153172 bytes)

Lee (Finch) on Bucktown screen porch.

pokeberry downstairs - 09.JPG (93379 bytes)

Bucktown kitchen sink

pokeberry downstairs - 10.jpg (117545 bytes)

Bucktown kitchen

pokeberry downstairs - 15.jpg (94231 bytes)

Bucktown main room, looking east

pokeberry downstairs - 16.jpg (92675 bytes)

Bucktown bathroom

pokeberry downstairs - 30.jpg (102599 bytes)

Bucktown looking west from kitchen

VT group at RM March 2007 cropped.jpg (297406 bytes)

VT as of 2007-Finch, Steve, Mihaly, Dylan, Corinna, Lee, Martha

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Bob in his office in Upper Pokeberry

DSCN0567.JPG (162381 bytes)

Bob in office

DSCN0568.JPG (171688 bytes)

Bob on Upper PB Deck

DSCN0569.JPG (158368 bytes)

Bob on Upper PB Deck

DSCN0600.JPG (188924 bytes)

Debbie inside Upper PB

DSCN0615.JPG (161955 bytes)

Former WEXer Carmen, by the rails she made

DSCN0547.JPG (137983 bytes)

Former WEXer Kyle by shared washer

DSCN0589.JPG (154928 bytes)

Bob, in Steve's workshop

DSCN0591.JPG (141635 bytes)

Our wood-fired boiler

DSCN0593.JPG (129955 bytes)

Boiler system for heat & hot water

vtDSCN3653.JPG (179573 bytes)

Finch and Tessa in the common kitchen

vtDSCN3655.JPG (205263 bytes)

Watermelon party! 2007

vtDSCN3663.JPG (182107 bytes)

Tessa, Dylan, Carmen and Steve

q6P900RoadWarrior.JPG (137248 bytes)

Road Warrior provides renewable power for constructing PB

p06Trusses.JPG (135022 bytes)

PB construction- Brian

p9DSCN3612.JPG (172869 bytes)

PB Plaster crew: Brian, Mihaly, Mike, Farmer

q1DSCN3644.JPG (201761 bytes)

PB construction: Paul and Mihaly

DSCN3751.JPG (169684 bytes)

Brian casts a shadow during PB construction

vtDSCN3623.JPG (166279 bytes)

Dylan & Cory on excavator

DSCN0635.JPG (177274 bytes)

Brian, Martha at VT dinner

DSCN0636.JPG (196083 bytes)

Debbie and Bob at VT Dinner

DSCN0642.JPG (150875 bytes)

Rosetta, Tessa, David, at dinner

DSCN0652.JPG (154301 bytes)

VT members

DSCN0655.JPG (154089 bytes)

VT members