Lee's Almanac

Names for Full Moons

January - Wolf Moon  

February - Hunger Moon  

March - Crow Moon

April - Planter's Moon

May - Flower Moon

June - Strawberry Moon

July - Buck Moon

August - Corn Moon

September - Harvest Moon

October - Blood Moon, Hunter's Moon

November - Beaver Moon 

December - Cold Moon

I put this together from two lists I found on the web, one was Native American names; the other, traditional folk names.  I used ones that were on both lists or, a few times, just the one I liked the best.

The skies in this and upcoming months

If you are fortunate, as we are, to live where the night sky is not obscured by light pollution and smog, you may like to know the things that we might observe in the sky in the coming month or months, some of them quite common occurrences such as the date of the full moon, along with potentially pleasant sights such as a crescent moon setting in close proximity to Venus, or remarkable celestial events such as eclipses and meteor storms. Abrams Planetarium's Night Sky Notes might well satisfy you and your own curiosity on celestial phenomena.